Vincent Chen


About Me

A cinematographer based in
Boston, US & Vancouver, Canada

Cinematographer, Gaffer, Editor, Color Grading


Doing a documentary is about discovering, being open, learning, and following curiosity.

2022, Heilongjiang, China

Fishing Skin Painting

Documentary of Xie Yongliang's cross-border cooperation with non-heritage fish skin painting and "Love Like the Galaxy" TV shows

Narrtive Work

All elements on the screens are developed to serve in a meaningful way of storytelling.

2021, Vancouver

Drinking Man

On a scorching day, a rookie magician begs to share the cool basement with his grumpy landlord, a veteran with PTSD.

2022, Vancouver

Bottle Picker

Directed by Lucas Xie, Color Graded by Vincent Chen

2022, Boston


Fun fishing is a five minute short film based on the idea of modern consumerism. It is a horror genre story that features bizarre dreams and cult element. Selection of Northeastern Student Film Festival 2022

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